Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Rufus Wiley "Prof" and Ella Pauline Caddell Hollingsworth

Anna Pearl Hollingsworth Hovater

Wiley Hollingsworth was born November 5, 1905 in Fayette County. His parents were William Galloway "Bill" Hollingsworth and Nancy Ann Mills. He was a great man of knowledge and wisdom. He taught school and also preached at several congregations of the Church of Christ throughout the community.

He was principal at Hubbertville School for 33 years. After he stepped down in 1962,Caldwell Hollingsworth became the principal. Wiley married Pauline Caddell and they had one child named Anna Pearl. Wiley died in June 1982 and is buried at Berea Church of Christ Cemetery in Fayette County, Alabama.

Pauline was born in the Bishop house in Glen Allen, AL with Mrs. Bishop as midwife.She attended school in the Glen Allen Community and while in the 10th grade she had a teacher named, Wiley Hollingsworth. They fell in love and married when she was 15 years old. Her sister, Loraine went with them and signed the papers for her to marry. Pauline stayed out of school a year but went back and graduated from high school at Winfield in 1929 with her older brother, Roy. She taught school at Hubbertville and was a notary republic.
Pauline completed her B.S. and M.A. degree. After 1960 she taught school at the Fayette Elementary School. She retired in 1976. Her and husband Wiley were member of Berea Church of Christ.

Note from Ada McCollum Box:

Miss Pauline and Mr. Wiley as I called them, were so kind to my husband, Reedie and myself during the birth of my daughter, Patsy. Mr. Wiley took Reedie to Winfield several time to get Dr. Hollis to come thinking Patsy was about to be born. Miss Pauline helped out so much. With out their kindness I don't know what we would have done. They were such kind Christian folks.

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