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In Memory Of Mr. Caldwell Hollingsworth

December 2, 1931—December 19, 1996

Hubbertville School Memorial Service

December 20, 1996

Hubbertville School Gymnasium

Caldwell Hollingsworth, a life-long resident of Hubbertville community, is considered to be one of its most outstanding leaders. He graduated from Hubbertville in 1949 and from Florence State Teachers College in 1953. While there, Mr. Hollingsworth played football on scholarship for four years. He then served as lieutenant in the U.S. Army before starting his teaching career.

Mr. Hollingsworth’s first teaching position was at Hubbertville School in 1955, where he taught social studies and Boys physical education. He also served as assistant coach from 1955 to 1961. During this time he continued his education-earning a Masters Degree and an AA Certificate in School Adminstration. Mr. Hollingsworth served as head football coach from 1961-1963. In 1961-1962 he was selected as “Coach of the Year” by the West Central Alabama Conference of Coaches.

In the fall of 1968, Mr. Hollingsworth accepted the principalship at Hubbertville. He has provided the leadership for many improvement’s in both the school plant and the instructional program. As a result of improving the school plant and instructional program, three major accomplishments have been made at Hubbertville School under the leadership of Mr. Hollingsworth. One: Hubbertville High School was accredited in 1969, by the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges, the highest accrediting agency in the South. Two: Hubbertville Elementary School was accredited by the State of Alabama in 1974. Three: Hubbertville School was accredited by the Southern Association as a Unit School grades 1-12, in 1974. Mr. Hollingsworth was also instrumental in establishing such programs as, Advanced Placement and instruction in foreign language and the higher sciences and mathematics. Mr. Hollingsworth spent numerous hours working with the Local Education Advancement Foundation which contributes to the enhancement of the educational quality of students in all of Fayette County’s public schools.

Even though Mr. Hollingsworth retired in 1990, he has continued to be active in the support of Hubbertville School. He was a strong supporter of the Booster Club, Lions Club, Hubbertville Volinteer Fire Department, Local Education Advancement Fund (LEAF) and many other school oriented activites. He also made large contributions of time and personal service to the Hubbertville Church of Christ.

Until his death, Mr. Hollingsworth was still a very vital part of Hubbertville School and community. He was known and respected by all students, facultyand friends as being very generous and kind hearted. In appreciation to Mr. Caldwell Hollingsworth for his many years of loyal service to Hubbertville School and community, we treasure his memory. He contributed a huge part of his life to Hubbertville School. He was always friendly and loving to everyone. He served eight years as teacher and coach, and 27 years as principal. We all loved him very much. HE WILL TRULY BE MISSED BY ALL. Author unknown (Submitted by Patsy Box Johnson)

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